"EduLift uses an integrated approach of experience-based learning. The students involve themselves in projects, which enable them to come up with ideas and implement those ideas to create solutions."

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Edulift aims at changing the current educational paradigms in the schools of Nepal by creating innovative educational programs using holistic and experiential-based learning approach.

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EDULIFT-Rethinking Education
A future where experiential learning practice becomes accessible to all.

EduLift is the flagship project of Social Development Initiative Nepal (SDIN), a registered NGO under the Social Welfare Council Nepal. It is a non-profit educational initiative dedicated towards transforming and empowering the lives – especially of the Himalayan & Tibetan children and youth, through a new kind of education which is holistic and experiential-based. We envision a future where the EduLift model based on relevant life-skills training through an experiential learning practice becomes accessible to all. By aiming to incorporate it as part of the mainstream curricula in Nepal, we imagine a future where such quality education provides the necessary skills to prepare young people to lead more purposeful lives contributing to their total well-being and of their communities.

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We are EduLift - a team of committed young individuals, passionate about diminishing the problems of education system in Nepal and re-inventing the traditional education system.

Tenzin Gonsar

Founder And Director

Jamyang tenzin

Facilitator & IT coordinator

Indira Sapkota


Phurbu Dolma


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All starts from the very idea of "rethinking" the educational system.

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