March 3, 2024

Career Connection

About the Project

Career Connection Project is an initiative that seeks to empower young people by providing them with career guidance support, necessary skills, and job/internship connections to pursue their career goals. This initiative aims to address the unique challenges faced by those youths who navigate the intersection of marginalized backgrounds, limited skills, and the absence of crucial career guidance in pursuing their dreams. For many young individuals attending public and community colleges, and even those who haven’t had the chance to pursue formal education, the path to realizing their career goals remains obscured by hurdles of circumstance and lack of support. The Career Connection Program sets out to bridge this gap with well-designed workshops, training sessions, and professional exposure opportunities (job/internship placement). Edulift is the official implementing partner and the project is initiated by the Rotary Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town and supported by Rotary International and other International Partners. 

Why Career Connection?

We carried out a comprehensive examination to identify the challenges and issues affecting the youth in Nepal. This involved conducting through Secondary Data Research, Digital Survey and a Focus Group Study, which enabled us to pinpoint numerous problems faced by marginalized and underprivileged young individuals in today’s society and the possible solutions. Additionally, to identify the needs of the community and to align with the local government, we engaged in several meetings with the community leaders, representatives, and college principals. Through this comprehensive approach, a pronounced disparity has come to light – a divide between employers and young individuals, notably those enrolled in public or government colleges and those who are school/college dropout youths. These youths find themselves at a disadvantage due to limited exposure to vital career guidance and a lack of job-relevant skills, often stemming from financial constraints that hinder their access to necessary training opportunities. Consequently, their pathway to secure employment opportunities are obstructed. On the other side, employers are facing the challenge of acquiring competent and dedicated employees, especially in entry-level job positions. This disparity between job seekers’ skills and employers’ needs creates a gap in the job market. Our project is poised to address these pressing issues and bridge this divide.
By acting as a conduit between these two segments, we endeavor to equip young individuals with the essential skills demanded by the job market and make them aware of their careers. Through tailored training programs and job/internship placement strategies, we aim to cultivate a pool of job-ready candidates who can seamlessly integrate into various industries. 
We are specifically targeting the youths in public colleges where there is a limited resource and opportunities. 


Conduct self-awareness workshops to help participants identify their strengths, weaknesses, and required skill sets for personal and professional growth.

Provide specialized training programs aligned with real-time job market demands to enhance participants’ employability and readiness for sustainable career opportunities.

Facilitate the successful placement of participants into job and internship opportunities through an integrated approach that includes job placement services and networking events.

Project Components

Career Awareness

The program includes career awareness sessions and socio-emotional learning to empower youths in making informed career choices and promoting their overall well-being. It provides information on career scopes and skills required in different job sectors, helping them make informed decisions. Additionally, the program focuses on their social and emotional development, equipping them with essential life skills for personal growth and success.

Freelance Skill Training

The program aims to enroll youths in freelance training and workshops in high-demand fields like Graphic Designing, Photography, Research Analysis, and Content Writing. This provides them with the skills needed for freelancing, offering nomadic job opportunities and the potential for financial independence.

Vocational Training

This training is aimed at those youth who did not have the opportunity to continue their studies because of financial challenges family issues or any other reasons. They will get the opportunity to enroll in vocational training like Carpentry, Plumbing, Wood carving, etc. for them to have options of earning a livelihood despite not having a “formal degree”.

Job/Internship Placement

After training, youths will receive help with CV and cover letter writing, interview prep, and job/internship readiness. They'll also be connected with job/internship opportunities and companies. A Job Fair event will provide further exposure to potential employers.

Who will benefit?

The project focuses on four key aspects: career counseling, socio-emotional learning for student well-being, job/internship connections for capable students, and the development of freelancing skills. It aims to guide students in their career paths, promote their emotional well-being, connect them with relevant job and internship opportunities, and empower them with freelancing skills. The project aims to provide a comprehensive support system to help students develop the necessary skills, make informed career choices, and enhance their overall employability.

The vocational and technical training component of the project will have a significant impact on non-student youths who do not have access to formal education. Through targeted vocational training programs, participants will receive practical and hands-on training in specific trades or industries that align with market demand. This training will equip them with specialized skills and knowledge that are directly applicable to the job market. By enhancing their skill set, these non-student youths will have a better chance of securing gainful employment and contributing to their own economic well-being.

The project benefits beneficiary institutions, specifically Government/Community colleges, by enhancing their reputation within the community through a focus on career guidance, vocational training, and job/internship connections. Moreover, the project positively contributes to student retention rates by increasing engagement, motivation, and satisfaction through comprehensive support and relevant opportunities.

Project Supporter

Launch of Pilot Project

The pilot project of the career connection project was launched in June 2023 in Gokarneshwor Municipality of Kathmandu District which was funded by Mr. Rajesh Pradhan and Rtn. Neeva M. Pradhan. The pilot project is launched with the major objective of strengthening and solidifying the project framework, risk assessment and mitigation, resource optimization, finetuning the training modules, and connecting and building a stronger network with the stakeholders.

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