July 13, 2021

The Expert Series

Program: Art of Sambhota Calligraphy  

Program Timeline: August 2020 

Total number of direct beneficiaries: 45 

Facilitators: Jamyang Tenzin, Indira Sapkota, Bharat Gole 

For this virtual workshop, we were able to have one of the finest and renowned Tibetan  Calligrapher Mr. Jamyang Dorjee Chakrishar. His works have been exhibited internationally, and are in private collections worldwide  and he holds a Guinness world record for the ‘longest calligraphy scroll in the world’. Mr. Chakrishar was our resource person with whom we had a live open event on Zoom and  Facebook for more than two hours. Also, a question and answer session followed by a live  demonstration of Calligraphy making was done. This series was kept as interactive as  possible so that all the participants from India and Nepal could have the full opportunity to  interact, ask and learn directly from Mr. Chakrishar. https://bit.ly/3lbIJSK (link to the live  workshop)

Workshop On the Element of Thangka Painting in collaboration with a Thangka painter Sahil Bhopal.