July 13, 2021

The Self-Awareness Program

The Self-awareness program(twice per year with grade11 and 12) to involve the participants with various realization process through which students and adults can effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to understand oneself in establishing positive goals, maintaining positive relationships and future decisions making. Also facilitate students to create individual action plans that assists their transitional phases from school to further education or employment.

Program Objectives:

1) To provide basic knowledge about Self-awareness. 

2) To let the participants realise and respect the similarities/differences between one’s  own and others’ perspectives and demonstrate how to express understanding or  those who hold different opinions. 

3) To understand the importance of Kindness, Emotional Hygiene, Positive Thought  Bubble. 

4) To bring some realization about the importance of School as a whole and seeing  school as a system.  

5) To bring the idea of planning, implementing and evaluating one’s Community and  global engagement in their life. 

Self-awareness program with class 10 and12.