September 19, 2013

Vision & Mission


EduLift is a non-profit educational initiative dedicated to transforming and empowering the lives of young people and children from marginalized Himalayan ethnic groups. We utilize innovative holistic and experiential-based educational methods based on relevant life-skills and practical learning. We work to incorporate our methodologies into the mainstream curricula in Nepal through lobbying and advocacy work and key stakeholders. We imagine a future where education provides the necessary skills to prepare young people to lead more purposeful lives contributing to their individual well being and that of their wider community.


EduLift techniques ensure that the focus in the classroom shifts from “teaching” to “learning”; practicing an integrated approach to active learning where experiential-based education is at the heart of our methodology. We emphasized building the relevant competencies and skills needed for students to tackle the increasingly complex challenges being confronted in our communities and throughout the world through various programs.