2014/02/13 Pete Pattisson

This thursday Pete Pattisson, noted journalist, educational expert and EduLift Advisor delivered an eye-opening talk on the plight of Nepalese migrant workers in the Middle East. To learn more about Pete’s work related to journalism please visit http://petepattisson.net/ and to learn about his work in education please visit http://mrpattisson.wordpress.com/

Collaborative Learning

We need to move away from individualistic or competitive ways of learning and gathering information and instead embrace an environment that encourages collaborative learning. Schools, specifically classrooms are a big source of social capital as students come from a range of socio-economic backgrounds equipped with their individual skills, abilities and personalities. Hence, it is only Read more about Collaborative Learning[…]

Student Presentation

Following the spirit of interactive learning, students create PowerPoint presentationsĀ based on their assignments and relay it to their classmates and teachers. The sessions at EduLift are as varied and diverse from Information Technology to Entrepreneurship, Current Affairs, Change Makers to Practical Science and Thurday Speaker Series. Some days the students cover topics regarding social issues, Read more about Student Presentation[…]