Documentary on emmigration to Qatar

Watch this documentary and if you like vote for it in the 18th Annual Webby Award People’s voice: [button link=”” type=”icon” icon=”notice” newwindow=”yes”] Watch and vote[/button]    

First week of Explore After SLC 2014

Every year almost 600,000 class 10 students in Nepal sit for the SLC examinations and over the last decade the national pass rates have been around 50%, meaning, almost 300,000 students fail the SLC examinations each year. Furthermore, following the examination it takes almost 3-4 months for the examination results to come out. During this Read more about First week of Explore After SLC 2014[…]

Celebrating the Spirit of Youth-Field Trip

Every weekend students are suggested activities such as events or workshops they might like to and can benefit from attending, places they could go to learn or experience something completely new and enhancing, activities which are at the core of our experiential-based learning model at EduLift. On their first weekend, the “Explore After SLC” intake Read more about Celebrating the Spirit of Youth-Field Trip[…]

2014/04/17 Saunak Bhatta

Our students were so lucky to have as a guest Saunak Bhatta this first thursday. He was coming for second time at EduLift and he performed an amazing motivational talk to our young students. Saunak Bhatta is a youth motivational speaker and founder of We Inspire Nepal [].