2014/03/13 Saroj Bajracharya

On 13th March, EduLift conducted the last of its Thursday Speaker Series for its 1st batch of students with artist Saroj Bajracharya. Saroj has been painting for more than two decades with 4 solo exhibitions – “Valve of Things” (2002), “Inside is Outside” (2009), “Inheriting Statelessness” (2012), and “Vice Versa” (2014) to his credit. He has Read more about 2014/03/13 Saroj Bajracharya[…]

Selected Blogs From EduLift Students

Here you can find some of the blogs that EduLift students have been working on mainly focusing on interesting people they have met at EduLift or focusing on some projects they have been exposed to through EduLift.     Roshan Shrestha’s – Open Bazaar Kelsang Dechen’s – Open Bazaar Ajay Tamang’s – Suman Shakya