2014/03/13 Saroj Bajracharya

On 13th March, EduLift conducted the last of its Thursday Speaker Series for its 1st batch of students with artist Saroj Bajracharya. Saroj has been painting for more than two decades with 4 solo exhibitions – “Valve of Things” (2002), “Inside is Outside” (2009), “Inheriting Statelessness” (2012), and “Vice Versa” (2014) to his credit. He has also participated in various art workshops and art residencies in Nepal and abroad. He was a part of curatorial research program initiated by cultural partnership initiatives S. Korea and national museum of contemporary art S. Korea in 2008 A.D. Besides painting, he also writes on art and organizes, conceptualizes art events. His works, projects and writings can be viewed at vazra100.blogspot.com