September 19, 2013

Our Team


    Founder & Executive Director

Tenzin is the founder and director of Social Development Initiative Nepal (SDINepal), whose flagship project is EduLift. Prior to starting SDINepal, Mr. Gonsar worked for a premiere investment management firm in the United States. In addition to SDINepal, Tenzin has also launched two other Entrepreneurial ventures in Nepal.  His professional experience is primarily within the organizational development and human resource management field and he has worked both in the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors. Mr. Gonsar received a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.


                                    JAMYANG TENZIN


  Art and Language Facilitator and IT coordinator

Jamyang Tenzin was a TCV (Tibetan Children Village School-Selakui) student. He did his bachelor in photojournalism from Sri Aurobindo Center for Art & Communication and Institute of Photography. He was a program coordinator of Students for a Free Tibet-Delhi and did many active volunteering in Tibetan Women Association, Tibetan Youth Congress, Tibetan Handicapped School (Nyingtopling) and Tibetan Medical Association ( Mentsekhang).  Also he is a member of and WildernessFilmIndia. To know more about Jamyang visit ( )



                                                                       Additional program staff includes:

Ms. Sharada Chitrakar, Office Helper


Mr Achyut Pandey, Office Accountant