April 16, 2017

Curriculum Book

Published in 2017 EduLift’s book Rethinking Education – A curriculum for developing 21st century classroom”  is a supplementary curriculum on the cultivation of higher-order thinking skills, such as critical thinking skills, socio-emotional learning, and linguistic skills. The text is already utilized in a small number of Nepali schools, and we believe will grow to become of tremendous use to many more schools, teachers, educators and NGOs in the education sector in Nepal . The global education sector now has leading experts facilitating a shift of focus from content- driven teaching to skill-driven teaching-learning practices and the EduLift curriculum is absolutely up to date with this global and much needed pragmatic transformation. The book’s curriculum is designed to serve children in upper secondary level; eighth through eleventh grade, however, teachers can adapt the level of difficulty to make it appropriate for lower grades as well making it a useful and practical document for thousands of teachers.