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EduLift started with an initial course called Explore with EduLift which started with the organisation’s establishment on 15th December, 2013. It is a holistic course that aims to develop life skills and prepare students during periods of transition, all carried out in experiential-based methods and innovative learning techniques. This course was more or less a pilot course through which our first program Explore After SLC was created. The Explore After SLC program is based on three fundamental themes which encompass its whole curriculum.

  • Exposure: Through Guest Speaker Series & Field Visits, students get exposed to specialists from different fields of expertise. This enables possibility of further networking and mentorship opportunities. Also, field visits allow students to receive first hand experience about the working environment of any given field.
  • Explore: Career counselling enables students to explore their career interests and further academic/work plans. The intensive individual as well as group counselling sessions prepare students to create their own Individual Action Plans.
  • Experiment: The day-to-day class activities are filled with group projects/challenges. Students initiate the project/challenge topic, research ways to plan the project, work in teams and collaborate to implement it and finally present it to their class and guests at EduLift. These projects however, have to address some social issues or create social impact to members of their community as building social responsiveness is at the core of EduLift’s organisational values.

While the first course – Explore with EduLift was done among high school students from 15-Dec, 2013 to 31-Mar, 2014, the second course Explore After SLC, 15-Apr to 21-Jun, 2014, took place among students who had recently given their School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exams.

This year-2016 by end of March and beginning of April, we will be introducing  Explore after SLC with more exciting and more exploring.