The Role of A Teacher Program

Our “The Role of a Teacher Program or Teacher Training Program” provides both -the theoretical orientation and practical knowledge of various teaching methods adaptable for the teachers.


Note: The program is based on EduLift’s own curriculum book Rethinking Education-a curriculum for developing 21st century classroom” published in 2017. This curriculum is for developing 21st century classroom on the cultivation of high order thinking skills. The curriculum is designed to serve children in upper secondary level; eighth through eleventh grade, however, teachers can adapt the level of difficulty to make it appropriate for lower grades as well making it a useful and practical document for number of teachers.

Program goals

  1. To provide a foundational theoretical orientation to constructivist approach to teaching and learning.
  2. To give practical knowledge of various teaching methods, classroom management strategies and assessment practices, which are in consonance with constructivist pedagogy.

Expected learning outcomes

  1. Participants get an overview of constructivism and its implications for teaching and learning processes.
  2. They acquire a number of teaching strategies, classroom managing skills and assessment practices to effectively run Edulift’s programs.
  3. They develop an open mind towards experiential learning.