$2020 Online Fundraising

Group of 20 students from different Himalayan community schools situated in Kathmandu, Nepal. Just completed their grade 10 examination and are keen to immerse in the Explore Program for their 3 months summer break. The Explore program is organized by us ( EduLift) – a local non- profit educational organization.
During the “Explore Program” in EduLift, they are learning that “learning” can be made more interesting and fun through realization and actualization of individual potential. Therefore, to continue the realization of their potential, They are organizing an Explore Festival, our targeted educational outcome for the Explore Program 2018. However, though they have the motivation, drive and the ideas, they are young and broke. Therefore they are reaching out to all of you to help us which achieve our goal.

So we introduced an online platform to earn some money for the event. Therefore they started online crowdfunding through “Youcaring”.

Link Below to see it online