Teacher Training 2018 on Creative Learning Modules and Child Protection.

Teachers are pivotal to any education system; the primary factor in enhancing students’ learning. Training in pedagogical content knowledge and continuous professional development is of tremendous importance. To be employed as a teacher in the state system in Nepal some teachers need as little as an SEE pass and just 16 days training which has had a catastrophic impact upon teaching practices in Nepal, especially at the Early Learning Centre and Primary levels in state education. Our “Teacher Training Program” provides a fundamental theoretical orientation to constructivist approaches to teaching and learning with various teaching methods, classroom management strategies and assessment practices. It covers theory and practice in class as well as practical assessments and implementation in class.

Shree Suntakhan Secondary School

EduLift conducted its very first session of Teacher Training with 15 school teachers from Sri Suntakhan Secondary School Suntakhan Secondary School, Gokarna including the headmaster and principal of the school as well.

The first day of the training highlighted the objectives of the teacher training and also had a session where the participants and trainers got to know and interact each other kicking off with some warm up games. The whole session was filled with great energy and the participants were very much active and eager to learn. A well written pre –assessment was also done in subject to the training where they really had get into each and every question and do some actual time thinking and evaluation of their daily school activity. Getting such willing approach from the participants, Edulift team is definitely pumped up for the next session of the training in Sunthakahn Secondary School on 23 February 2018.

We are thankful to the school principal Jhalak Pd Adhikari of Sri Suntakhan Secondary School for his active cooperation.

On the second session of our Teacher’s training program, “role of a teacher” was our main topic. The participant teachers had to start collaborating from this session so we divided them into groups of 3 and asked them to re-evaluate their role as a teacher in their school. After their re-evaluation, a teacher from each group gave us a short presentation regarding their discussion.
The participant teachers were facilitated by our EduLift team. (we witnessed increasing number of participants and their participation in our second training session). Program supported by Freedom to Learn

Gram Sudhar Basic School

On the very first session of teacher training program at Gram Sudhar Basic school, we conducted an orientation session followed by a per-assessment and interact session with the teacher where we discussed about the challenges they face during their teaching.