winter with edulift


Winter break for Srongtsen and Namgyal schools meant fun and engaging winter classes at Edulift. Since the holidays started students have been meeting every day in Edulift to discover the world of photography and cinema. More than 30 students have started using cameras to capture interesting and beautiful images. At first, by the hand of our facilitator Jamyang Tenzin, students were lead to rediscover reality through the camera lens. They were led to find out the basic rules of photography themselves along with discussing and contrasting the result of their works, they learnt how to approach reality through their camera lens.
As the course proceeded, students explored new ways to express and share their interests and ideas. The students started by using photo camera, then moved towards using a video camera in rediscovering reality through the audio-visual media. We will end with a final project where students will work to create a masterpiece through collaborating in a team. Having learnt in the first part of the course how to use a camera and how to capture interesting images, it is time now to create scripts and stories. They discuss interesting things to share with an audience or how they could make their own music video. Students have decided on 5 projects (three music videos and two documentaries). Students are facing different issues to go on with their first plan and need to find different solutions everyday to make their project come into reality. This course is formed to make students understand the audio-visual world, how reality can be reinterpreted through a shooting lens along with how we can share our opinions and ideas in different ways. It is a basic level course but it is a first approach to the media world and discovering its possibilities.



Our course deals with poetry in the spoken sense which means poetry that needs to be recited or spoken with tone and intonations to an audience. We have framed a variety of activities through which students will be able to learn the basics in a fun way. With abundance of opportunity to speak and perform in the class we help students unleash their inner voice and the talents in them. We have divided our course into four phases and during which we dealt with developing word association techniques, discovering the process of forming images through words and then exposing our students to different techniques and methods to make a poem more expressive and impactful. We also introduced unconventional methods of writing poetry like free verses whilst throwing light on the elements of poetry. During our last phase of the course we prepared for our final event and this time round we are preparing an extravagant final event for the poetry course. Through this course, we help our students to boost their confidence and use poetry as a medium to communicate their thoughts, ideas, feelings and state of mind. We especially encourage the students to gain courage to speak confidently in front of groups. Many of the students often said that the course helped them rediscover themselves and gave them the chance to improve their English within a short span of time.


We introduced Drama courses at Edulift during the winter holiday with students of Namgyal High School, Srongtsen School, TCV and HIMS. This time we have students from different age group. Through drama we aim to make them expressive, communicative. Also we provide a space for them  to gain confidence in public speaking and stimulate creativity in problem solving. It can challenge students’ perceptions about their world and about themselves. Since communication and empathy are central to Drama, a student who has explored in the Drama classroom will be better able to understand ideas of themselves and those around them.

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