2014/06/12 James C. Hopkins

DSCN0962On Thursday 12th June, James C. Hopkins, director of development/fundraiser at Rangjung Yeshe Institute was the Guest Speaker at EduLift. Mr. Hopkins shared with us his journey from being a broker at Wall Street in New York to starting a microfinance project based in Kathmandu in order to empower economically challenged women and help educate their children. The project, known as Quilts for Kids Nepal was borne out of Hopkins’ desire to help the Indian street beggars living near his residence in the Boudha area. For more info, please visit http://www.quiltsnepal.org/

DSCN0958Besides running a social microfinancing organisation, James C. Hopkins has also been writing and performing poetry since 1992.He has authored 4 volumes of poetry and his most recently published work, “Many Threads: Invisible Children of Nepal” is a book of photographs and verses on Nepal.