2018 Literacy Day with Srongtsen Bhrikuti Boarding High School

EduLift along with “Art and Language” participant, we organized a half day event with Srongtsen School. We chose the day to celebrate the Literacy Day and we aim to provide/facilitate education in a more interesting manner.
So as we able the run the program successfully.

We started the event by calling all the students on the basket ground and we had warm-up activities for almost 30mins.

After the warm up activities, we put kids in the pair and told them to write pair poem each other ( all the poems were displayed on the second floor of the school building).

After the pair poem activity, we have organized a classroom design with grade 5 to 8. Grade 3 &4 were in the classroom with fun educational actives.
Class 10 and half of the grade 9 were inside the main hall, where they were put up to debate on the topic “What is education? And What is school for?”.

It was yet another fun and productive day with them