2018 Nepal Constitution Day with Namgyal Higher Secondary School

We ( EduLift ) aim to give maximum opportunity to our ” Art and Language Program ” participants for developing certain kinds of skills like, leadership skills, communication skill and to approach/facilitate education in a more interesting manner.

Thus we chose”ConstitutionDay ” with Namgyal-School Gokarna.
we had one-hour different activities with respective class section and after the activity session, we put class 6,7 and 8 to participate in classroom design competition.

Class 10 had a poetry session on the topic ” Social media as a tool or weapon”

Class 11 had a video screening of ” What is school for” and “what is education”
after the screening, we put them into the discussion.

Class 12 had a session on ” Fundraising idea challenge” where we put them into groups and their task is to come up with new fundraising ideas.

Thanks to Freedom to Learn for support