Art & Language Program 2016

art and language

( Art and Language-2016    ||   1st August to 31st December )

The Art & Language program consists of three courses that will aim at developing creativity, collaboration and communication skills along with the development of English language through the medium of a different art form every course. Each course will have one fine art final outcome. The three art forms will consist of art & design, spoken word poetry and drama.

Each course is completely immersed in one particular art form. For example, in a drama & language course, students will further their collaboration, communication and English language skills everyday through performance and enactment. Students will learn the different skills with the support of that art form unlike regular classes. Hence, students find themselves understanding that particular form of art and appreciating it while also developing various life skills. As the courses progress, students will also be trained and enabled to use language not just as simple texts but as a tool for self expression, to tell their stories, or to share their messages across. Being able to use language in that way makes it a life skill that they could use to gain further opportunities.

Due to the dynamic nature of each course, by the end of the program each student will have contributed to creating and performing a poem, a dram production and a artistic design which will further establish a certain confidence of creativity and potential in each participant.

Main Objectives:


Our stated objectives of the Art & Language program are:

  • To enable participants to have more exposure to fine arts;
  • To create an active and experiential learning of fine arts and languages;
  • To develop life-skills among participants such as Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical- thinking skills.

Key Activities:

  • Students will be exposed to one particular art form under each course such as design, poetry and drama.
  • Students will develop a set of language skills under each course and gradually progress through the different courses.
  • Students will be trained in developing life-skills such as creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills while progressing towards the presentation of a final event.


  • Students will develop basic knowledge and understanding of different art forms presented in the program.
  • Students will learn to use English language as a basic communication tool as well as for aesthetic and analytical purposes.
  • Every course will produce a final event in the form of poetry recitation, shared stories, dramas and art & designs.

Program Outcomes:

  • Students will have a better understanding and appreciation of fine arts which can further motivate them to pursue academic or career goals in that direction.
  • Students will be more comfortable with the application and comprehension of the English Language which will increase their chances of socio-economic mobility.
  • Students will be more confident in undertaking creative and collaborative tasks and endeavours.evolution (27)