Poem on Explore After SLC Program.

Collaboration + Field Trip 


Morning everyone assembled here
We are going to talk so lend us your ear
All these years we have been through
Never has fallen down because we come in a crew
Field trips and collaboration that’s what we have done
Helping others is what we call fun
We went to Wegain zone
Famous and well known
Environment sanitation is the goal
Cleaning boudha was the next role
They gave us posters and fevicol
We stuck them on poles and walls
They said plastic burning is illegal
You have to pay even if you’re a boy or a girl
500 to 1 lakh was their fine
If you don’t want to pay then don’t stay on.
——-Tenzin Yougyal

Edulift at EduFair

We went to edufair
That was so fun I swear
Entering the hall was like ‘wow’
And the gatekeeper gave us a ‘bow’
There were many stalls
As they gave us many calls
I was confused where to go
But to some stalls I was like ‘no’
I went to an air hostess stall
Though they didn’t give a call
I experienced something very nice
Which made me more wise
The stall gave me many information
Which will help me in workstation
Walking in the hall made us hungry
But some still in the hall interestingly

………Tenzin Tsering

With Himalayan Roots to Fruits

Just as the always routine we take
This one was for roots to fruits sake
The weather was very hot
And roots to fruits was a small plot
Roots to fruits was unexpected
The collaboration made us connected
Though we were wet and sweat
We gave our very best
Next collaboration was in EduLift
By seeing the place it made their heart lift
We did various dramas
That was very good “oh mamma