Explore Program 2017

9 weeks full time course EduLift’s ‘Explore program’ develops the skills and competencies essential for the pre SLC graduate students to confidently take on the variety of challenges they will face both academically and personally.

The course covers intellectual skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, source analysis, social-emotional skills, it also enhances linguistic ability and exposes students to the global themes of technology, health education, social issues, environment and entrepreneurial skills.

The curriculum ensures exploration of these themes through hands-on practical projects which include case studies, cultural arts reviews, creating and managing social campaigns, research projects, field visits, and facilitating relevant and useful conversations with peers and relevant outsiders.

This experimentation is key to effective learning not only for the subject matter but learning self-awareness and self-management. With the help of weekly themes, students explore their interests and discover their own potential. Once students have experimented they develop an understanding of their personal preferences, work ethics and interests,

The exposure element of the course also supports students to interact with leading experts in a variety of working fields in the public and private sectors. In the final weeks of the course students also present their project work to relevant audiences giving an opportunity to meaningfully contribute to their chosen field.


Date ( 16th April – 16th June)

1.     Introductory week 16th April – 22ndApril
2.     Technology (digital Literacy) week 23rd April – 29thApril
3.     Communication week (Linguistic skills) 30th April – 6th May
4.     Environment Education week 7th May – 17th May
5.     Social week (Gender sensitization) 18th May – 20th May
6.     Health Education Week 21st May – 27th May
7.     Spiritual Week (socio-emotional skills) 28th May – 3rd June
8.     Career Week 4th June- 10th June
9.     Final Week 11th June- 16th June