Explore Program- Final Day

#EDULIFT’s final event was more successful than we thought.
We were very glad 😊to receive the audience over there .
Our program went very fluently without any disturbance. Our every program participants did very very great👏👌 and gave their best. Tenzin Tsekyi and Tharchin as #MC👔 looked very cool and gave their best of best as MC . 👌🏻
#Tsering_Gyurmey showed us very surprising video 🎥🎬of the beautiful moments spent in edulift and we were very excited to watch it and when it was shown , the video was beautiful and we got a chance to have glimpse of our past days ( those beautiful moments ) .We enjoyed it a lot. ❤️️
#Tseten_Kunkyi made us aware about what factors affect the career choosing and she also did a powerpoint presentation describing what we did on communication
#Kelsang_Dorjee presented us a Powerpoint about our technology🔭☎📭 week and made us more clear about some of the important matters.
#Tenzin_Tsekyi won the attention of the audience with her surprising poetry called twinkle twinkle little start ⭐️.
#Thinley_Dolma came up with her own composed poetry that gave live to the term feminism. That was her performance regarding our social week. Her performances was very good .👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻
Sam Sammy aka our Rising star of edulift✨ was star of our program ,he sang two 🎸two songs with his soulful voice and did a Powerpoint Poetry Presentation regarding the destruction of the environment and gave a very strong message on environment which made us really have a deep thought about it . 👌🏻👌🏻
#Tharchin also sang a beautiful Korean song 🎤making all the audience surprised with his melodious voice .
#Kunchok_Dhoundup told us about career and later presented us with a beautiful song 🎼with his beautiful voice.
#Tenzin_tsering have a power point presentation on a very important topic of these days and the important factor ,The Social Emotional Skills . He gave wonderful presentation on it and made the people more aware about necessary skills needed in a society .
#Ngawang_Choedon and #Ngawang_dolma did their best and gave a powerful message even though the topic was very sensitive which is on Sex education and sexual abuse that is hardly discussed in our society.
And At the closing of our program , Kunchok Dhondup and Ngawang Tharchin danced in a very beautiful song and broke the floor with their stunning dance movEs making the program successfully closed .
And after that there was certificate 📜distribution to the students of the explore program. So like this we were done with our final event.
After that we enjoyed our last moment 😭in the edulift dancing, singing🎤,clicking Pictures and videos so we could cherish these beautiful moments in the future . ❤️️

Reported by: Tseten Kunkyi