Drama Closing of Mahendra Boudha

On Friday 28th November, the drama course for class 9 students of Shree Mahendra Boudha came to an end. The drama highlighted the unconcerned attitude of people in different areas of work and life towards pollution, safety and hygiene.

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The drama course is the 3rd course under the Art & Language program at EduLift. This course was an intensive six weeks training to enable participants to develop collaboration and communication skills. The course was facilitated by Miquel Comas Zamora- drama and performing arts instructor at EduLift along with assistance from our volunteers Susana and Paula from Amics del Nepal.

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We would also like to thank Lobsang Sangmo, founder of Wegain Zone for offering us the wonderful space for the final event. For more updates on Wegain Zone, please follow:https://www.facebook.com/wegainzone?fref=ts