Drama closing of Srongtsen- Welcome to Oslo!

The Drama course under the Art & Language program at EduLift performed their Final Event on Friday, 12th of December with class 9 students from Srongtsen Bhrikuti Boarding School at Boudha.

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The drama was based on the commemoration of His Holiness Dalai Lama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize 25 years ago on 10th December, 1989.



This was the third course of the Art & Language program which aims at developing aspects of creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking with the aid of English language and an art form.


EduLift is very thankful to Srongtsen school for their enthusiastic collaboration, as well as our volunteer & Drama facilitator Miquel Comas Zamora. We would also like to thank our other volunteers namely Susana Iraola & Paula for helping with the program.