Empowering the New Nepalese Generation

EduLift will be the first holistic educational initiative in Nepal to provide joint services in homework assistance, exam preparation, career counseling and life-skills preparation. Various for-profit tutoring centers do exist; however, the relationships are largely transactional, whereas at EduLift (an SDINepal initiative) our mission is to transform lives through providing a holistic education.

Our approach is based on

  • Improving student academic performance through homework assistance and exam preparation.
  • A customized college preparatory program.
  • Counseling students to prepare for ones career.
  • Providing students with an arsenal of practical life-skills such as entrepreneurship, communication and technology skills.

Most importantly, we believe that each of our students who have completed the EduLift program will leave with an empowered view of oneself, one that is ready to face the complex challenges of an ever-changing world.