World Environment Day at Wegain Zone

On Thursday, 5th June students from EduLift headed to Wegain Zone at Boudha to celebrate World Environment Day. It was Group 4’s turn to manage the entire event and to collaborate with Wegain Zone to mark this special day.


The students from the Explore After SLC course are currently in the implementing phase of their final project and most of their topics are based on current hazardous practices being carried out in our environment. The issues they are trying to tackle range from waste management- specifically that of plastic bottles and biodegradable wastes; to opting for healthier and more environmentally friendly ways to travel- cycling and so on.




The event took off on Thursday with students from EduLift sharing their presentation about World Environment Day followed by two groups sharing their experiences to all the guests about “How to Make Compost & Why” and “How to Build a Vegetable Garden using Plastic Bottle Wastes.” The discussions took place at the backyard in Wegain Zone’s kitchen garden. Students from Samata School, Boudha were also present and participated in planting some trees and vegetables along with out students.

Mr. Lobsang Sangbo, founder of Wegain Zone also shared with the students his idea behind why he started Wegain Zone and why such community spaces should exist in today’s degrading environment. The students then watched videos on Environment Conservation and How to Start Your Own Rooftop Garden.




Wegain Zone was chosen to celebrate this special day as the place itself is a community space that encourages sustainable farming and building practices. It is a non smoking vegan zone and also provides free space to organise workshops and documentary screenings. We are very grateful to Mr.Sangbo  for cooperating with us and giving our students a very innovative space to learn.