2014/05/15 Sujan Dangol

There is a new way to look at waste and waste management. And it is not about dumping the wastes into the right containers or segregating them to proper areas. Rather its about turning these supposedly useless and most often visually unappealing objects into useful, functional units that may also have an aesthetic appeal with a certain artistic touch. Sujan Dangol is one such contemporary artist who finds jewels in the junk, or rather creates them.

Hence, following the theme of Waste Management we invited artist Sujan Dangol on Thursday, May 15th in our Guest Speaker Series to share with us  his experiences in recycling waste into utility and art objects, both in Nepal and abroad (South Korea). During his presentation on Recycling Waste, students explored the possibilities of creating beautiful and functional structures through the everyday waste objects.

His recent work- Through My Stories- was exhibited at the Siddhartha Art Gallery.