The Importance of Creative Development



I remember crying on my first day of my new school. I was 7 years old and had just moved to a Montessori school. Such a strange environment, all these people I didn’t know, no school uniforms, every one was free and outgoing, I felt like I didn’t belong. I was an introverted child,living in my own world, inside my own mind, and moving to a Montessori school where expression is encouraged came as a shock to me.

Looking back, this was simply a fear of the unknown, a fear of bringing to life the hidden parts of myself, as this is what Creativity does, and it’s uncertainty can still be scary.

Soon enough I was at home in my new school, alongside doing well in Math and English. I had discovered talents in music, art, and drama that had not been previously given an opportunity to be expressed. From being scared and hiding at the back of the class, I had grown into a confident child that starred in the end of year theatre production, acting and performing music, and remembering not only my lines but every other line in the production.

I am now 26, I have no aspirations of being a famous actor. However, the development of these abilities in myself have proved so valuable. I am confident with myself, I can communicate to others without fear, and can face life without intimidation. By exploring my artistic nature, I have developed the ability to think laterally, look at things from different perspectives, and solve problems in such a way. These qualities helped me to stand out in job interviews, and collaborate effectively with others in the workplace. They are intrinsic qualities that lend themselves to my sense of self and provide a strong foundation for my personal development.

Working now with EduLift, I see a great opportunity to share this treasure that I was so fortunate to have as a child, and to further explore these qualities in myself. I believe that the future is unpredictable, and we need to prepare for an unpredictable response. By developing creativity we explore the unpredictable nature of our creative minds, and foster the skills to respond accordingly, giving the coming generations an advantage to create a better future.

 Inti San Thiago, Volunteer


Inti, directing a short film “Drive”